Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Charles Barkley to be the Suns next GM? LOL

SMH HAHAHA LOL ROFL....  say what?

Well not really... but maybe?

No it couldn't be... but it could be?


According to Dan Bickley over at the Arizona Republic it's something the Suns should seriously consider
Let me know what you think (that's why I'm throwing this out here) - but personally I can't stand the Chuckster. Chuck might make me chuckle... but only because of the stupidity I see in the things he says/does.   But you're right Bickley - he's exactly what we need, an immature ex-player with the reputation as the class clown.   He has a shady recent past with all the gambling issues and drunken Scottsdale trips to very important meetings with highly reputable female consultants.   But that's exactly what the Suns need right now?   Steve Nash and nearly every player in the NBA openly bash Barkley for his 'interesting' comments, but he's the guy we need to bring in?  He's the guy that will command the respect of the players and staff alike and keep some semblance of continuity in the organization?  I'm positive Chuck has his own very different and wacky ideas based on something 'terruble' that he will want to implement immediately with blatant disregard for the 'direction' the team has been trying to travel the past two years.

 Be my guest and try to convince me otherwise... but I can't be the only schmuck here who thinks this is a bad idea and that even entertaining the legitimate possibility of the Round Mound of General Managing with the Phoenix Suns is ludicrous.

Bickley writes,
But imagine the romanticism of Barkley returning to Phoenix, where he could win the championship that eluded him as a player. And this time, he wouldn't have to stay in shape to chase the trophy.
Sorry Dan - my imagination might entertain some crazy ISH... but this 'imagine' stuff is one doubie more than even a Micheal Beasley party can handle...

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