Monday, September 13, 2010

Serious Question... My dog is better than yours.

Serious Questions
I recently got into a heated debate with a BFFL that didn't end pretty.  To safeguard the anonymity of my friend I will refer to him as Willy Frompson, a name that in no way resembles or sounds like his actual name

So I can't remember how the argument started... but really, is that important? 

I told him someday when I own a ranch in the wilderness I will have an Irish Wolfhound as my trusty sidekick.
FACT: Irish Wolfhounds can grow to be the size of A SMALL PONY.
Willy Frompson says that someday when he owns a ranch in the wilderness he will have a "cow dog" as his trusty sidekick.
Willy proceeded to give me an attitude and said, "and my cow dog will be cooler than your dumb dog - plus your dog will have bad hips when it's two years old"

I said, "Dumb - my Irish Wolfhound would eat your cow dog, so even if it gets bad hips at 2 years old - yours won't live to see 1 year..."

So there's the real question - Who would win in a fight, an Irish Wolfhound or a 'cow dog'?

You be the judge. 


  1. Whichever dog pulls his nine out first will win.

  2. Irish Wolfhound. It just needs to put the other dog's head in its mouth and it's over. Also, with a name like Willy Frompson, you just know his dog will be a wuss.